MedConference organized by the American Association of Medicine and the Person

October 18-20, 2013

Florham Park, NJ 07932

We medical professionals experience a sense of concern for our patients, whether healing is accomplished or not and even when life expectancy is very short. Moreover, we often face difficult decisions related to the choice of the appropriate treatment, which depends not only on the diagnosis and prognosis, but also on each patient’s concrete situation.

In front of these challenging situations we are confronted with critical questions: what is the ‘right’ decision? What or who do we follow?

We propose that only an attentive and affectionate observation of each patient, taking into account all the factors in play – clinical and laboratory data, along with patient’s desires, needs and expectations – allows us to fully address their medical condition.

BY FOLLOWING EACH PATIENT, we can respond to their personal medical needs and we can therefore practice a medical care that really serves each patient’s life according to its given direction.

The 2013 MedConference is an invitation to focus on what is at the heart of medical care.


Luis Jiménez Aranda,  La sala del hospital en la visita del médico en jefe,  1889

Luis Jiménez Aranda, La sala del hospital en la visita del médico en jefe, 1889

The Purpose  

The MedConference, in its 5th edition, is born out of the desire of a group of physicians, nurses, students and other medical professionals to pursue within the medical field the ideals for which they decided to embrace the medical profession.

The organizers of this conference strongly desire to provide a yearly meeting place where health care professionals can come to dialogue and gain professional credits to rebuild a person­-oriented health care.