MedConference organized by the American Association of Medicine and the Person

2013 Program Sessions


Following the patient: the key to medical care

Lodovico Balducci, MD
Moderator: Gerard Brungardt, MD

Women's health session:

Fertility treatments focused on women’s physiology
Ann Nolte, MD

Pregnancy management focused on mother's and baby’s health
Angela Flippin-Trainer, MD
Moderator: Laura Toso, MD

Presentation on the American Association for Medicine and the Person (AAMP)

Research session:

Trisomy 21: Research and treatment
Pierluigi Strippoli, MD, PhD
Moderator: Mark Basik, MD

Students’ Session:

Teaching ethics in perinatal medicine residency
Emanuela Ferretti, MD
Thierry Daboval, MD
Moderator: Federica Fromm, MD

Following the patients and their families: The experience of 'Casa Monte Cassino'
Alpha Cattaneo, MD
David Paradela
Francoise Cattaneo
Moderator: Sabrina Paganoni, MD

Following the patient: the key to medical care –

1. With chronically ill children
Annnique Hogan, MD
Danielle Flynn, RN, BSN, MS, CPN

2. In ICU settings
Lorenzo Berra, MD
Stephanie Ball, RN
Moderator: Fran McCarthy, MS, RNC