MedConference organized by the American Association of Medicine and the Person

2014 Program Sessions

Session I:
Technology and wonder

Laura Toso, MD

Learning from the patient
Chiara Mezzalira, MD
Moderator: Elvira Parravicini, MD

Session II:
Patient-centered care:  eyes on the elderly patient
Brad Stuart, MD
Claudia Beghe, MD
Enrico Grugnetti, RN
Moderator: Gerard Brungardt, MD

Session III:
So, you want to be a doctor (or a nurse)?
Students’ conversation with Jonathan Imber,
Professor of Sociology
Moderator: Lorenzo Berra, MD

Session IV: 
How do I make my patient’s day?
Michelle R Lawson, RN, BSN
Brittany Smith, RN

How does my patient make my day? 
Julien Leduc, RN

The distorted image of imagery
Mariane Hamel, B.Sc.P.T., FCAMT
Moderator: Max Zucchi, M.Sc.,PT

To look at the world with ‘Letizia’ 
Meeting with Letizia Morini (a 23 year old girl
with Down Syndrome) and her photographs
Moderator: Federica Fromm, MD

Session V:
Patient-centered care: eyes on the patient in neurology

Marcello Villanova, MD
Miguel L. Zialcita, MD
Elena and Patrick Kilner
Moderator: Sabrina Paganoni, MD, PhD

Concluding remarks