MedConference organized by the American Association of Medicine and the Person

October 25-27, 2019

Château Vaudreuil
21700 Trans-Canada Hwy
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 8P3, Canada

“If I were sick, would I want this person to come into my room as my physician?” This is how Andrew Frantz, MD, the Dean of admissions at the Columbia University Medical School (1981–2010) explained his criteria for admission. Now, how can we reach this level of trust? Health professionals and patients alike move through hope and despair, as they face sickness and death. Trust is fundamental, yet contemporary medicine has seen a steep decline in medical trust.

The risk of medicine. This year’s theme focuses on two types of risk. On one hand, patients risk in entrusting themselves in the hands of physicians, nurses and medical professionals. On the other hand, medical professionals also need to risk while attending and providing medical care to their patients. The 2019 MedConference will review the historical roots of the decline of moral authority in western medicine, and the alleged growing power of medical science over life and death. We will consider the dynamic and benefit of establishing partnership and sharing decisions among medical professionals and patients. We will discuss these issues in the context of mental health and end-of-life care.

Join us at the 2019 MedConference for three days of meetings and presentations from national and international speakers.

Information on program and speakers coming soon!